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Fix/Repair Waterstar infrared sauna in

So you’re experiencing maintenance issues with your Waterstar infrared sauna, perhaps it is broken and needs fixing. We are here to help. Your infrared sauna is a fairly complex system but we have experience in fixing most sauna malfunctions.

Please use the form to provide details of the nature of malfunction, the better the description the quicker we will be able to provide a solution to your sauna problem.

In order to fix your infrared sauna include the following details:
  • Model and make of your infrared sauna
  • The description of the problem with your sauna, including the details of which parts have stopped working or what section in particular is not functioning as it should.
  • If you know the exact part that needs replacing describe it or provide a picture by uploading a file
  • Any additional details such as the cause of the problem, because the issue might be wider than first assumed.
  • A picture of where you think the problem is or the part that is malfunctioning would also help

We are looking forward to helping you fix that sauna to get you enjoying it once again!
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